As I think about true freedom, I would like to share my thoughts with my people… I remember in my young years, the World War II had come to an end and it seemed as if the smell of freedom was in the air. On a Sunday morning, our Pastor preached a message from John, Chapter 8, Verse 36, which said “if the Son therefore shall make you free ye shall be free indeed. I had recently surrendered my young life to Jesus Christ and made him Lord and Master of my life and was eager to learn more about my saviour. Believing every word in my old King James Bible, I thought that since He made the world (John 1:3), He could tell I would be free indeed, I could trust Him for that. I thank God for the freedom in our country and pray for Donald Trump as President to lead us. For almost 81 years I have enjoyed our freedom in this country, but the freedom Jesus Christ gives me is forever.

Don Lanier