Several years ago I was studying the Bible in preparation to teach a Sunday School lesson. Matthew Chapter 7 was the theme of the subject on which I was teaching, possibly Verses 19-20, but I began focusing on Verses 13 and 14 and on Verses 21 and 22-23. I read Verse 22 and my thought was “these are good Christian people who can do these wonderful works.” But Jesus said He would profess unto them, “I never knew you; depart from me ye that work inequity.” When I read this, I wondered why such a sharp rebuke from Jesus Christ to people doing such good works. Not doubting one word in my Bible I knew that I had to study for the answer which is, was and forever will be that blood-stained cross. For God so loved the world (every person) that he gave his only Begotten Son (Grace) that who so ever believeth in Him (completely surrendered and committed to Him) shall not perish but have ever-lasting life. Jesus gave His life so that every person who surrendered and his life to Him would have eternal life with Christ in heaven. Then I saw that nothing could take the place of the cross for eternal life.

Don Lanier