What has 960 legs and can save a man’s soul?


What has 960 legs and can save a man’s soul?

That would be 240 shelter dogs that have been cared for, handled, and trained by Mr. Albert Sabbag at the Gulf Forestry Camp.

Mr. Sabbag is a team leader in the DAWGS in Prison Program at the camp.

The program is a partnership between the St. Joe Bay Humane Society (SJBHS) and the Gulf Correctional Institution.

Mr. Sabbag came to the program by making bad decisions throughout his adult life.

“What I love most about this program is the fact that second chances do come true for both dogs and inmates,” he said. “Prior to coming to prison in 2010 I had lost all hope due to bad choices and drug abuse.

“This program has taught me that hard work pays off and builds character more that I could ever imagine. I now have a future full of hope not despair. Through the DAWGS Program I have gained patience, tolerance, integrity, and a positive work ethic.”

Sabbag wondered just who trained how in the DAWGS dynamic.

“I don’t know if the dogs trained me or I trained the dogs,” he said. “Because of this experience I am a freer man inside than I was when I was free. I have found my way in the least likely of places.

“Here’s to never finding another excuse because I now know my life is too important to do so. Thanks to all 240 dogs that helped find me.”

Mr. Sabbag is currently a Team Leader for the DAWGS Program, the highest level of attainment for the program.

He had to transition through the ranks of Caretaker, Handler, and Trainer to reach his current position.

As a Team Leader he mentors other trainers and their teams, monitors the dogs’ health, and also still trains.

There were so many legs that helped save his soul and give him a positive outlook for his future. Thanks pups!