Recently I was reading where one of those Ivy covered colleges had hired or was seeking to hire a manager for their campus to wage a war against “aggressive masculinity.” Perhaps you could call them a “Testosterone Terminator.” I’m as against violence as much as any normal person, but if a campus needs to hire such a person, I think they should reevaluate who they are letting in their schools.

The person who holds this position is supposed to develop education programs targeting folks who might think about being violent, harassing, assaulting or following women around for no apparent reason. Again, I’m against violence, but perhaps if they find these type of fellows in their classes, they should just remove them.

And if a fellow is following a woman around for no apparent reason – perhaps he is married to her and just waiting on her next order.

All of this correctness or feel goodness or whatever you are supposed to call it worries me. Honestly, if it weren’t for a little aggressiveness from males, we wouldn’t have football, NASCAR or more importantly a military who has protected and continues to protect our country.

Don’t throw rocks at me… Sometimes people who fight against such things with seemingly good intentions want to throw stuff at you if you disagree with them. That part never made sense to me – fighting and breaking stuff because you are against violence. If a man is violent toward a woman, a child, an animal or another man for that matter, they should be dealt with, but if you want all men to stop hunting, watching wrestling and football or smashing aluminum cans on their heads, it’s not going to happen.

I don’t think we want it to happen…

After watching the movie, “Hacksaw Ridge” I got out of the machine that looks like a Coca-Cola machine at the grocery store and “Dunkirk” at the movie theatre that sells hamburgers and pizza during the movie, I think that aggressive masculinity has its place. Honestly, I’m not sure our country would be here if it weren’t for this masculinity. I’m not discounting the ability of females to be aggressive, but there doesn’t seem to be any jobs available to fight against that issue.

We are all people and should treat other with respect.

Speaking of aggressive women, did you know it has been 400 years since Rebecca Rolfe died? I don’t know that Rebecca was aggressive or mean, but she will definitely be remembered. They will never know exactly how old she was when she died or the exact disease. They guestimate she was somewhere between 21 and 23.

The historians can’t even seem to agree on how old she was when she “saved” John Smith - they can’t actually agree she even saved him. Most think she was around 10 years old. I’m willing to bet she was tough, probably had a mean side and definitely was aggressive in her own way.

She was also known as Matoaka, her birth name, but most of us knew Rebecca by her nickname - Pocahontas. Disney didn’t do her justice… They seldom do justice to real folks, but do a pretty good job with pretend princesses and cartoon dogs.

That was the life - sitting in the floor on Sunday night watching the end of Marlin Perkins and his Wild Kingdom waiting on the fireworks signaling the “Wonderful World of Disney” was about to hit me with “The Love Bug,” “Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar” or “Bedknobs and Broomsticks. It was good. Life was good. Times have changed. Disney has changed. We need managers to educate overly aggressive college students.

Perhaps if they locked these bad ones up in a room for a month and make them watch “Mary Poppins” day and night, they would have a change of heart. You might could do that cheaper than you could hiring someone to educate us all on something that should be common sense. Folks that need that type of education don’t need to be in college in my opinion.

For the record, I like “Mary Poppins” (a lot). And if you get a chance to see “Hacksaw Ridge” and “Dunkirk,” absolutely do it. It is painful, but without the type of masculine aggression displayed in those movies, this world would be a different place.