Jeffrey Alan Richards, son of Billy Joe and Brenda Joyce (Conoley) Richards, died unexpectedly on July 17, 2017, after a brief illness in his home near Dalkeith, FL. He was 45.

Throughout his whole life, Jeff put the needs of others above his own. After graduating from Port St. Joe High School, he attended Gulf Coast Community College for two years before transferring to the University of Alabama, largely so that he could help his dad with various projects at home. Following his graduation from Alabama, Jeff worked in a series of high-stress IT jobs which slowly but surely damaged his health, but which allowed him to support his wife Cyntia, her children Luis, Paula, Diego, and William Sanchez, and to build a house in Costa Rica for Cyntia’s mother. When the youngest of those children was out of high school and the marriage ended in divorce, Jeff returned to be near his dad, partly to allow himself to recover but largely to help his dad with work that required more than one person or that called for a younger man’s strength, flexibility, or eyesight.

Jeff’s kindness extended not just to people, but to animals, particularly cats. When Misty, a formerly stray cat adopted by Jeff and Cyntia, developed paralysis in her rear legs and appeared to have only weeks at most to live, Jeff nursed her with remarkable tenderness and attention. Misty lived two more years and had begun to regain control of her hind legs before an unrelated illness claimed her life. More recently, when a close friend from work took in two stray kittens, Jeff helped her care for the one that was sick, and when she moved to California, Jeff adopted both cats.

Jeff Richards is survived by his father Billy Joe, his stepmother Laura, and his brother Howard. His untimely death came as a terrible shock to everyone, including his extended family, friends, and co-workers. His dad asks to be allowed to mourn privately. Those wishing to express condolences or share memories of Jeff should send them to his brother at

Howard Richards

P.O. Box 253

Huntington, WV 25707