Future commercial properties took center stage at the Tuesday meeting of the Port St. Joe City Commission.

Future commercial properties took center stage at the Tuesday meeting of the Port St. Joe City Commission.

The commission heard from two individuals wishing to start a business in the city.

The first, Randy Carver, presented his proposed business, seeking advice on the next steps forward.

Carver, a pharmacist from Albany, Georgia, and his wife are looking to start a mini-golf business in Port St. Joe.

The city currently has multiple regulations on the books that prohibit such a business and Carver was seeking the commission’s opinion on the matter.

The commission, minus Commissioner David Ashbrook who was not present, unanimously agreed that the city manager and city attorney should look into the current regulations to see what could be done to allow for the possibility of the Carver’s opening a business.

Citing lack of activities for the youth of the city, multiple commissioners voiced their approval and excitement for the project.

A stipulation was added that the rule changes would not impact the U.S. Highway 98 tourism corridor.

Carver said that while visiting the area last year, his family fell in love with the town and quickly bought a home in St. Joe Beach.

Nearing retirement, Carver stated that he and his wife thought that a miniature golf business would be perfect for the community and profitable for the family.

The commission also approved, for a six-month period, the selling of boats off of the Duren property between Second and Third Streets, with the ability to remove the sale if deemed unsightly by the commission.

The proposed sale is the beginning of an effort to open a high quality boat dealership and maintenance facility somewhere in the vicinity of St. Joseph Bay by Mark Bankord.

Bankord, originally from the Chicago area, has been visiting the Gulf Coast area for nearly 40 years, moving gradually east away from the growing crowds until he reached Port St. Joe.

“You’ve got the most spectacular bay, in my opinion, in all of the Gulf of Mexico,” Bankord told the commission.

Bankord said that he was surprised by the lack of boat sales in the idea, citing the draw of the bay for boaters and recreational fisherman.

The sales lot will be a precursor to a permanent location yet to be determined.

According to Bankord, no maintenance will be performed on the lot, with the makeup of the boats being a mix of new and used boats with a value of at least $30,000.

Avenue D sidewalk

When asked by a local resident about the progress of sidewalk work on Avenue D had stopped, John Grantland, the city’s Public Works director said that originally the job had been delayed due to rain and is now being juggled with other responsibilities.

Grantland added that the city is currently working to replace a lift station in the vicinity of the city’s schools before the school year begins.

The director added that the completion of the sidewalk is still a priority to the city.

Meeting schedule

The upcoming weeks will be busy for city staff and officials and normal meeting dates have been changed.

The City of Port St. Joe will host a budget workshop at noon on Aug. 8 at City Hall.

Second, there will be the joint meeting of city and county officials to discuss the 10th Street ballparks.

That meeting is scheduled for 9 a.m. ET on Aug. 10, at the county Emergency Operations Center building.

The city will also host a workshop with State Rep. Halsey Beshears (R-Monticello) on medical marijuana among other subjects at noon on Aug. 14, at 2775 Garrison Avenue.

Immediately following that workshop, the city will host a special meeting in place of the regular meeting that was scheduled for Aug. 15.