Dear Editor,

Every day, “news” from the White House resembles an on-going soap opera. The President is a narcissistic, ill-informed bully who thinks the U. S. is an Apprentice show (fire at will). I personally vote for the best qualified candidate for the position. He is an embarrassment to the U.S., and is also dangerous. He can’t tolerate any advice or opinions different from his own. Also, he loaded White House personnel positions with his own family. Really? Ivanka? Kushner?

Everyone who voted for him based on his fake grandiose plans should have already questioned their vote. Now, more recently, the hiring of his new “cheerleader” Scaramucci, another wealthy New Yorker who will now bow down to the absurd demands of a fool who occupies the White House. Trump doesn’t even have the common appropriate sense to discuss his “new policies” with appropriate leaders before sending them out on Twitter; i.e., Transgender and others. In my opinion, he should not remain as President; “Commander in Chief” – what a joke. Let’s see what happens with the investigation. Why would he be researching “pardons” for himself, campaign members and family members?

As a Registered Nurse with extensive mental health experience, I truly believe that Trump has mental health issues, whether they are diagnosed are not.

Kaye Harris, R.N., B.S.

Cape San Blas