Dear Editor,

School is back in session and what a wonderful job the teachers and staff have done to make our children feel loved and excited about school. Inviting classrooms, smiling faces, extra supplies for those who don’t have enough- our teachers have gone the extra mile. I am hoping the district will do the same.

By asking the teachers to pay back their Best and Brightest bonuses the district has unintentionally caused a lack of trust between teachers and the district. It’s clear that mistakes were made with this program. What’s also clear is that these mistakes were in no way made by the teachers.

Please stop making the teachers pay back their bonuses. They are reminded every paycheck that they are paying for the mistakes of the district.

We all make mistakes. Our true character shows in our response. Do we blame others? Do we let others suffer the consequences of our actions? Do we try to hide our mistakes or do we own them?

Our teachers need a district that has their back. Giving them back their bonuses will show them that you do.

Susan Kotelman

Port St. Joe