The beginning of the school year translates into the start of the scholastic sports calendar, in and out of schools.

There are plenty of kids devoting their time and energies to the pursuit of athletics, which much research shows is one of the last bastions for instilling discipline and teamwork in young lives.

The effort alone is worth celebrating.

That is what this page is about each week, a page we set aside as congratulations, as honorific, for those who toil in the fields and courts in the county.

Coaches, please help us with that mission.

The nature of a small newspaper in a small town is a small staff and therefore we must ask for assistance.

One of the beauty’s of this county is its two community-based school districts.

One of the hardships when covering sports in the county, as a one-man band, is two community-based school districts 22 miles apart.

We are not afraid to admit the need of any andall the assistance we can secure from coaches.

Call 227-7827 or email with information about games and your teams.

Provide all the names of athletes possible, the more the better. Toss in a photo from a parent or supporter.

Win or lose, the kids deserve it.

Simple as that, as former high school athletes, we ask simply: do it for the kids, as they say in education-speak.

For some it may seem a quaint notion, but young people still enjoy their names in the paper, their pictures on social media for what they have accomplished.

Heck, though this is the sports page, I would venture to expand that exposure to the classrooms, to the clubs, to the academic achievers.

There is no charge, no additional work, maybe 10-15 minutes of your time.

And, again, to emphasize, just in case it has not been made abundantly clear, coaches, this page is set aside each week specifically for the kids of this county; please help us fill it.