You’ve heard the phrase, “He/she treats me like a dog,” or “They treat him/her like a dog.” You know I found myself looking at the only dog I have left and saying, “I wish someone would treat me like they/I treat you.” I’m not complaining that much, but if you are a dog person, you know what I mean.

Besides that, I think she (my dog) deserves to be treated very well. She wants to follow me around, sit next to me, sleep next to me and she tilts her head with that concerned/ “I’m listening to every word you’re saying” look.

Why do dogs tilt their head anyway? Well, folks who study such things say they do it to hear better, see better, show understanding, show empathy, want attention or perhaps it’s a vestibular issue. I wasn’t sure on the vestibular issue thing, so I looked it up. It has to do with the inner ear and sense of balance.

Again, it sounds like dogs treat us or want to treat us pretty well. I’d say much better than we treat each other most of the time.

I know not all people treat dogs well and some dogs might not be the best companions for some folks, but I really think someone along the way made the dog that way. The other day, I went to our local animal shelter to drop off some food that we no longer could use because my big dog Doolittle had passed away.

Our animal shelter is a nice and happy looking place, but what caught my eye was that there were two doors. One door for adoption and one door for surrender. Again, I know folks get in a bind and can’t keep pets for a number of reasons. I’m not judging anybody. However, the two doors kind of broke my heart, but the cars in the parking lot and people who filled the adoption side made me very happy.

People talk about the many hazards and terrible things social media is used for, but one good thing that I have seen is the use of social media to find pets new homes and helping lost pets. Also, there are a lot of wonderful puppy and dog pictures out there that will surely make you smile, not to mention the myriad of pet videos.

Let me warn you of this though… be careful searching the internet for terms like, “treated like a dog.” There seems to be a small group of people out there who want to be “collarized” and really treated like a dog. It’s not something you want to mistakenly find a picture of (at least I do not).

Honestly, I think, “Treated like a goldfish” is much worse than being treated like a dog. Think about it. Being put in a little bowl, never getting out, swimming around hitting your head trying to get out and everything looking much bigger than it is. The looking bigger than it is thought is pure speculation on my part due to being in the bowl of water. You know what I mean.

If I heard someone say, “She treats him like a goldfish,” I’d feel mighty sorry for the fellow.

The other good thing about being a dog (my dog) is that people talk to you really nice, in a sweet tone of voice and they rub on your back a lot. I would kind of like my back rubbed every once in a while if you know what I mean.

So, please, please, treat me like a dog… (Or my dog anyway).

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