The Gulf County governance team recently participated in the Florida School Board Association Master Board Forum. The forum was led by Tina Pinkoson, Director of Leadership Services. The Master Board Forum is a voluntary program, and is the first step in completing the Master Board Program.

The Master Board Program is designed to strengthen the leadership team’s ability to work effectively, efficiently, and collectively as a governance body while maintaining a focus on student achievement and factors contributing to the success of schools. Opportunities were provided for the team to discuss and improve or enhance those important interpersonal issues which are essential to team functioning.

Some of the skills, knowledge, processes, and concepts that were addressed in the leadership curriculum included: supporting student achievement, self- assessment, consensus building, establishing trust, conflict resolution, team development, core beliefs, roles and responsibilities, systems thinking, district culture, problem solving, and strategic planning.

The program features a skills-based curriculum which requires 22 hours of training. The Gulf County governance team completed 10 hours of prescribed curriculum at the Master Board Forum. The remaining 12 hours, will be completed in three onsite sessions of four hours each.

Members of the leadership team (school board) who participated in the forum are: Jim Norton, Superintendent; Billy Quinn, Jr., Chairman; Brooke Wooten, Vice Chairman; Danny Little; and Cindy Belin.