We all have read about the various phobias or fears that people have of various things

We all have read about the various phobias or fears that people have of various things. From Arachnophobia, the fear of spiders to Taphophobia, the fear of being buried alive. On the list of the top 100 things people are afraid of, spiders are first and being buried alive is number 100.

In between those are various fears like dogs, crowded rooms, being alone and getting rid of stuff. Yes, some of us may suffer from that last one. “Disposophobia” is the fear of getting rid of stuff, most probably because you think that someday you will need it or be able to sell it or simply because you like looking at it.

There is a new fear or relative new fear or condition that is called “FoMO.” According to one of the least reliable websites, it is “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent. It seems that with more and more technology, this FoMO, or “Fear of Missing Out” has become much more of a problem. People, I would like to think mainly younger folks, get text messages and see things on social media that they think they have to experience.

This fear of missing out is caused by not being in-the-know or being out of touch with various social events, experiences, and interactions. Basically, they are afraid that someone is having a better time than they are. Those who are stuck in traffic might be in fear of missing out on the latest episode of some reality show where pretty women and hunky men are deciding who they will spend the rest of their lives with, in a 60 minute episode. So they probably only have 38 minutes or so to figure it out, when you consider commercials.

With the recent tragic event in Las Vegas where so many people were hurt and lost their lives, you just wonder what in the world would make someone want to do something so evil. I can only think that the person was afraid of something, maybe even freedom. Many people within and outside of our country are afraid of the freedom of Americans.

Freedom to me is the ability to make the most out of what I have. I don’t want something that I haven’t worked to get, nor to want something simply because someone else has it. It seems that some people get so upset about others being happy or successful, that they think the only avenue they have is to ruin others’ happiness. My answer is, I simply do not know what would cause someone to do something so insanely vicious.

One of my daughters has a high school friend who is living in Las Vegas. When she checked on the girl, she was happy and relieved to find out she was ok. However, her friend did tell her that she was going to the event that night where so many lost their lives, but she lost her ticket and just decided to go out to eat with her parents.

My other daughter’s boyfriend’s mother left Las Vegas the night before.

With so many deadly diseases and accidents causing injury and death, we have enough to worry about. If any of us could fix it, we would. I think it has to do with fear or jealousy. With jealousy simply being a person who is dissatisfied with themselves

William Penn spoke of jealousy, noting, “Nothing stands safe in its way; Nature, interest, religion, must yield to its fury. It violates contracts, dissolves society, breaks wedlock, betrays friends and neighbors. Nobody is good, and everyone is either doing or designing them a mischief. It has a venom that more or less rankles wherever it bites: And as it reports fancies or facts, so it disturbs its own house as often as other folks.”

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