Happy New Year


Five pounds of filet mignon for 30 cents? The grocery store would go out of business pretty quickly if they sold their best cuts of meat for pretty much next to nothing. We have steak on Christmas evening and we generally have very good steaks. We all look forward to it and I do “hit” them right on my grill. Melt in your mouth right – at least I did this year.


We all make mistakes, some little, some big – but filet mignon at 6 cents a pound? I had to look at the price tag to verify it and that is what it said. I was not the buyer, my father-in-law graciously went to the grocery store to pick up the steaks on Christmas Eve and a few other things.


He is a good fellow, so when he got to the checkout with 5 pounds of choice beef and quite a few other items, his checkout price of just under 30 bucks concerned him. He noted to the lady that there was no way that could be correct. Well, they checked the price of the meat and it said six cents a pound; honestly it should have been closer to 20 dollars a pound.


Still trying to pay the correct amount, the checkout lady brought the manager in and asked him what to do about it. He said, “We put that price on it, that is what you can pay, and Merry Christmas.” I go to this particular grocery store around three times a week – just because I like going in and talking to everyone and picking up one or two things. So, I guess I was not surprised by the folks there just “eating” their mistake and moving on.


Mistakes most often do not taste as good as a fine steak cooked on my grill. They are often “choked down” as a learning experience.


With all of my children home from college over the holidays, I will have that “Mistake Talk” with them multiple times. I tell them that I’ve made little mistakes and big mistakes and the best thing to do is just to live up to them and keep moving… Keep moving knowing that you will make more…


When I was in the biggest of binds in terms of mistakes growing up, Daddy was always there, right there with me. I can definitely say that he was disappointed, but I can also say that he never gave up on me or left me to handle the worst stuff alone. Even now, when I come across some of those tough situations, I know what he would say and have a pretty good idea as to what he would do.


Actress, Sophia Loren, once said, “Mistakes are a part of the dues one pays for a full life.” I kind of like that, it makes me feel better about mine – my mistakes – dues and all that come with them.


They say you have to “Live with your mistakes.” That is also fine by me, because I would much rather live with them than the other option. How’s that?


I’m not sure how I get from filet mignon at six cents a pound to making mistakes and living with them – but I do. I guess it just goes to show you that after all these years, I have come to expect mistakes and am very happy when they end up “tasting good” and being cheap.


Happy New Year and I hope you make a lot of mistakes you have to live with this year! (Because I like you.)


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