Annual meeting Jan. 6


President Lynda White and the Board members of Friends of the Preserves ask you to join, support and get actively involved in this important CSO – Citizen Support Organization.

It is easy to join and be a part of a very important organization. Friends of St. Joseph Bay Preserves, Inc. is a registered 501 (C) (3) non-profit membership organization. Contributions to Friends of St. Joseph Bay Preserves are tax deductible.

By becoming a Friends’ member, you will send a message that the Preserves are important and must be kept in pristine condition. Your membership shows that you care and want to learn about the big picture issues that are shaping debate in the conservation and restoration efforts. You will become aware of the challenges and opportunities that exist and how you --- one person --- can get involved and help the region.

Do you know why the Preserves matter? Highlighting some of the reasons: 1 – Management goals include the conservation, protection, and restoration of important ecosystems and landscapes in order to protect significant surface water, coastal, recreational, fish, and wildlife resources. 2 – Provides protection for native species habitat and archaeological and historical sites, as well as opportunities for natural resources-based recreation.

Are you aware our region is part of one of the most ecologically diverse and significant natural areas in the Southeast United States. We are part of one of six hot spots in the United States. The Apalachicola River and Bay Basin contains the state’s largest forested floodplain, with more reptilian and amphibian species than any area north of Mexico. Many rare, endangered and threatened species inhabit this unique, environmentally sensitive area.

The Buffer Preserve provides an essential buffer to St. Joseph Bay that helps protect the Bay’s water quality, natural productivity and critical habitats.

By joining the Friends, you declare your support for the Preserves. The Buffer and Aquatic Preserves matter! Plants and animals that call the Buffer and St. Joseph Bay home . . . will be thankful for your commitment to help.

By joining the Friends, you will stay informed about the issues and be involved with a membership organization working hard to restore the land, protect the bay, and conserve for the future.

Want to get started? Attend the Annual Meeting on Jan. 6. Bring a bowl of chili, some cornbread or crackers, dessert, and just a few dollars to join and support the Friends of St. Joseph Bay Preserves. We need you!