Runoff Election Day June 12



The four vying for Group 4 became two Tuesday night.

Scott Hoffman and Aaron Little emerged from the general election to face each other in a runoff June 12 for the Port St. Joe Commission Group 4 seat being vacated by Commissioner Rex Buzzett.

Both tallied at least 400 from the 1,038 ballots cast (39.82 percent of eligible voters).

Hoffman collected 488 votes (47.15 percent) and Little 400 (38.65).

Neither, however, reached the magic 50 percent-plus one that would have clinched the election and avoided the runoff.

The question over the next four weeks will be where the 147 votes cast for Rosemary Lewis (129, 12.46 percent) and Jim Sickels (18, 1.74 percent) go.

The trend of voters taking advantage of early voting continued as 503 votes were cast during the early-voting period and 156 absentee ballots arrived by mail.

In contrast, Election Day voting Tuesday was just shy of 400.

“We would always like to see the (turnout) percentage in the 80s like it is with presidential elections, but the turnout was higher than average for a one-race municipal election,” said Supervisor of Elections John Hanlon.

The voter registration books reopen for the runoff, so those who registered after the cutoff for the general election and those who register by 5 p.m. ET Monday will be eligible to vote June 12.

Contact Hanlon’s office at 401 Long Ave. or call 229-6117.

Early voting for the runoff run 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. ET daily June 2-9 other than the Sunday that falls during that period.

June 12 voting will take place 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. ET at the Williams Ave. Fire Station.