Butler murder trial in review

Published: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 at 09:43 AM.

Smith wasn’t instructed to dust for prints and Sims said that the oversight could have determined whether or not Gant had opened the door. The question remained unanswered.

While Butler and Lynn went on record saying that Gant had aggressively entered the apartment, Butler’s friends told the jury that the defendant always kept his back door locked.

“The victim was unarmed,” Sombathy told the jury. “Even without fingerprints, isn’t it clear who shot who?”

Closing arguments

Sims said that Butler was scared of repercussions for his use of slurs and was simply defending himself in his home.

“There’s not a single drop of blood inside this apartment,” Sombathy argued, showing the jury photos taken at the crime scene. “This wasn’t self-defense, this was an ambush.

“You can’t ambush people and then sit back and say it was self-defense.”

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