City approves ESG waiver of impact fees

Published: Tuesday, November 6, 2012 at 12:22 PM.

Commissioner Rex Buzzett said that in discussions with the Northwest Florida Water Management District and representatives of the company that designed the water plant, the city and Preble Rish Engineers, a tentative plan had been mapped for a study to address the chronic red water issue.

Buzzett said citizens might be too happy about the length of time such a study would consume, but with cooperation from the public a protocol for addressing the red water would be found.

In broad strokes, the study would entail 20 test sites around the city and southern portion of the county to establish the chemistry of water coming from the plant compared to that upon arrival at those 20 sites.

Once baselines are established, a study would continue for 33 weeks to determine, Buzzett said, one of two directions the city could go in treating the water.

One, Buzzett said, would likely be expensive; the other not so much.

The NWFWMD will fund the study, Buzzett said, and there will be no cost to the city beyond a few manpower hours.

“Hopefully we are going to find a solution to the problem,” Buzzett said. “Another study and more time, I realize, that is nothing anybody wants to hear, but what are we going to do.”

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