County faces landfill expiration date

Published: Thursday, May 2, 2013 at 10:21 AM.

Establishing a transfer station on the south end – and Danford said eventually commissioners would have to create one on the north end as well – would be less costly, would require no funds be placed in escrow to handle costs associated with closing a landfill and would open up the potential for recycling.

Closing a landfill is expensive. The county currently sets aside $96,000 a year, and has for 20 years, to cover Five Points at its expiration date. The county would have to budget $320,000 a year to ultimately cover any expansion.

The transfer station, though, would be operated in the red at nearly the same cost the county currently sinks into Five Points.

The transfer station would cost the county $447,920 a year, with the potential the county could recoup at least $90,000 by recycling at the transfer station.

“I need a decision from this board and I need one by September,” Danford said, noting the time required to prepare to expansion of the landfill or creating a transfer station in the next five years. “I think a transfer station is the way to go, but it won’t magically happen.

“One transfer stations probably would not be enough to handle everything we have. Eventually you are going to have to have one at both ends of the county.”

Commissioner Carmen McLemore agreed, saying it sounded like the county would need to go the direction of a transfer station.

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