District prepares to reduce workforce

Published: Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 10:04 AM.

As detailed in the Reduction of Force notification, much of the focus on job cuts will be among instructional personnel, but Norton said there will be cuts in administrative and non-instructional positions.

Among the various services the district provides, including transportation and food service, the district will also look at the viability of outsourcing custodial/janitorial services, which would eliminate 11-12 positions.

Norton, however, noted that in examining the spectrum of cuts, administrative cuts in the schools will prove difficult as each school is already operating without an assistant principal. District staff has also been reduced each of the past two years.

“We are literally in the marrow,” Norton said. “We aren’t in the muscle, we aren’t in the bone. We are in the marrow.

“We do not have assistant principals in the schools. We are very light in district staff. We think we do an excellent job with the existing staff.”

Given the current numbers for public school financing in the Florida Legislature – and they are subject to change in the final weeks of the legislative session before arriving on the governor’s desk – the district will bring in $16.26 million in revenue next year against $17.128 in expenditures, translating into a shortfall of $868,249 for fiscal year 2013-14.

Included in those expenditures is $190,000 in what Norton called an “unfunded mandate” for the district to pick up 2 percent of the 3 percent employees must now pay toward retirement and $307,849 in merit-based teacher raises that can not be spent for any other use.

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