FDOT emphasizes SIS designation to Port Authority

Published: Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 02:23 PM.

Board member Eugene Raffield questioned Barfield as to what might or might not apply as far as tonnage requirements.

He noted that though not part of the port – but located in the same waterway and basin as the barge bulkhead – Raffield Fisheries and Wood’s Fisheries ship out hundreds of containers and tons of seafood throughout the world.

“We are in that zone,” Raffield said. “From a rural economics view, I wish we could credit that to the port, find some unique credit for our port.”

Barfield said the Port Authority must tell a story detailing the progress made over the past four years and prospects for the future, particularly under the new dynamics brought by the collaboration between Port Authority and St. Joe Company.

“With St. Joe it is a whole new ball game,” Costin said.

Barfield added that a compelling story is essential for him to take to the FDOT main office to make the case for maintaining the SIS designation. He also noted that there may be some pushback from other ports, competing for SIS dollars.

“Anything we can do to show there are things going on,” Barfield said. “(The state) wants us to succeed. But they are looking at return on investment. That’s the world we live in. The governor doesn’t want Florida ports competing with each other; he wants them competing with Mobile.

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