Histories of local lighthouses- the Cape San Blas Lighthouse

Published: Friday, December 14, 2012 at 10:30 AM.

Now back to the site selection and the building of a lighthouse.

Houses on Cape San Blas and the Cape St. George respectfully to be the following materials dimensions description:


The towers are to be built of hard brick, the form round, the foundation to be sunk 18 inches or more as maybe necessary to make the fabric secure and set on cypress or cedar of 4 inches thickness the height of the tower is to be sixty five feet from the surface of the ground. The diameter of the base 25 feet and that of the top 12 feet, the thickness of the walls at the base is to be 4 feet, and uniformly graduated to two feet at top. The top is to be arched, on which is to be laid a soap stone deck 14 1/2 feet in diameter, five inches thick and joints filled in with lead: on one side of the deck to be a scuttle 24 by 20 inches to enter the lantern. The door to be an iron frame, covered with copper. The outside and inside walls are to be laid in hydraulic cement and the outside wall white washed twice over. There are to be six windows in each tower of 12 lights each, 8 by 10 glass with strong frames and iron bar over each and a door 6 by 3 feet of double inch boards cross nailed with substantial hinges, lock and latch. The ground floor is to be secured with brick, a sufficient number of circular stairs to lead from the ground to within six feet of the lantern connected by a centre post and guarded by a good hand railing. The stairs and platforms to be of cypress or heart of pine planks 2 inches thick from the top of the stairs to the entrance.

The foundation was made of the old granite steps, there not being enough got out of the old towers for the new ones. The lantern to be an iron ladder with 2 1/2 inches wide.


The lantern and lighting apparatus now in use at the St. Joseph Point and the Cape St. George Islands’ are to be transferred to the new towers. The contractor E. Bowden to reglaze the said lanterns with French plate glass and paint them white inside and black outside. The Lantern posts are to be set five feet into stone or brick, and secured with anchors. The lantern and door to be revisited, and repaired whenever necessary for security, and the whole put in a proper condition for lighting. The contractor being allowed the privilege of using all materials now in the old towers which are deemed suitable and proper by the Superintendent of the works. Each Light House is to be furnished with a complete Electrical conductor with joints to run 4 feet into the grounds.

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