St. Joseph Shores flooding predicted in 2009


Price received two truckloads of dirt from the county to combat floodwater, but had to build a levy to keep water out of the garage and utility room.

Wes Locher | The Star
Published: Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 09:28 AM.

In 2009, Eric Davidson, an engineer formerly employed with the St. Joe Company, went before the Board of County Commissioners with a warning: due to recent construction at WindMark Beach, the 32-acre community of St. Joseph Shoes would soon be fighting floodwaters.

Originally planned as a branch of the high-end Miraval Resort Spas, the WindMark area was cleared with the original plans of constructing a hotel. Davidson, who worked with St. Joe 2004-2008, said that as massive redesign went into effect, more and more land was cleared leaving the area in disarray.

“It was chaos on a large scale,” said Davidson. “They were trying to jam something in there that didn’t fit.

“It didn’t make any sense on paper.”

According to Davidson’s presentation to commissioners, due to the filling and re-grading of the area during construction in 2007, water flow and drainage changed directions and stormwater accumulation no longer had anywhere to go.

Eventually the deal with Miraval was canceled and WindMark was annexed into the city, but the damage to the area was already done.

Traditional patterns of stormwater drainage to the St. Joseph Shores, located directly to the south of WindMark, were blocked off by the hotel building pad and several retention ponds were put into the area.

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