St. Joseph Shores flooding predicted in 2009

Published: Thursday, April 3, 2014 at 09:28 AM.

In 2008 it seemed Davidson’s predictions came true. The backyard of St. Joseph Shores resident Betty Price began to flood with each heavy rain. A 32-year resident of the area, Price said that this was the first time flooding had ever occurred.

In September 2009, Price’s son, Stan, went before the BOCC seeking drainage to be added to the area.

 Then-Commissioner Bill Williams passed a motion for a feasibility study and cost estimate and recommended that Stan be part of a stormwater committee. According to Stan, neither idea came to fruition.

For the next six years as the yard continued to flood, Price got into a system of calling Public Works and a water pump and limited fuel supply would be delivered. The catch is that Price must wade out into the water to refuel and restart the pump every three hours.

In January of this year Davidson, Price and several other St. Joseph Shores residents filed a complained with the Florida Board of Professional Engineers in Tallahassee against Preble-Rish Engineering for performing building code inspector duties.

The complaint questioned how platted roadways could be turned into canals, how grades could be raised all around a platted subdivision leading to property being consistently underwater and how the St. Joseph Shores subdivision had been converted into an enclave in clear violation of Florida statute.

Because the complaint was aimed at a company rather than an individual, Davidson said it was ignored.

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