‘This event is invaluable to the women involved’

Published: Thursday, October 4, 2012 at 10:36 AM.

“The value of the event is invaluable to the women involved; you just can’t put it into words. Every woman is going to home from this event with names and faces to put with sisters. When you go home from this you know there are people who care.”

The foundation of the Beach Blast is the sisterhood.

As Dorman explained, while there is a special bond between son or daughter and dad, there is a unique umbilical between those offspring and mom.

That bond is at the heart of the Beach Blast because, Dorman said, that “different bond with their children is something only another mother can understand.”

Dorman’s son, Matt, is on his third deployment, his first in Iraq, the last two in Afghanistan. He will turn 25 this month, less than a decade removed from high school and all of it spent in the military, much of it in war zones.

“He’s seen and done things no young man his age should have to,” Dorman said. “He’s done it because he loves his country, he loves the Marines, he loves his job.

“But he also has barely seen his son (now 3). He knows to do his job takes its toll on his family.”

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