Semper Fi Sisters bring Beach Blast, Boxes of Love next week

Published: Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 10:32 AM.

“In particular the Army which can be a refuge for many. They come from tough backgrounds or they have no family. To have something come from home, from somebody they don’t even know, that will make their week.”

There is also a bottom-line admiration and gratitude from members of the military.

“In the military the pay isn’t what maybe it should be,” Williams said with tactfulness beyond her years. “When you take into account what all goes into those boxes and you know the funding that goes into those care packages and that people are willing to use their own hard-earned money; that is pretty humbling.”

Now a “full-time vet” pursuing schooling for a criminology degree, Williams is among those pouring her own, her friends’ and strangers now strangers no more resources into the Boxes of Love.

“My mom raised us right,” Williams said and we’ll return to mom, Samantha Cochrane, shortly. “She taught us if we have everything we need we don’t have to be frugal about helping others without as much, who were not as fortunate.

“With all the selfish things going on in Washington, watching money being spent in ways it should not be, there is still hope. That is what this is about, hope. People caring for other people.”

As a volunteer for the Walton County Sheriff’s Office Auxiliary Posse, Williams established a couple of campaigns for goods and dollars within the Posse.

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