With a little help, The Currys head to studio

The Currys

The Currys are Jimmy Curry, Tommy Curry, Galen Curry, Matt "Trixx" Kauper and Johnny Humphreys

Photos courtesy of Jimmy Curry and The Currys
Published: Thursday, July 18, 2013 at 10:20 AM.

The Currys have chosen to take a summer vacation pastime and make it better.

If, as Jimmy Curry said, the group can have some fun and not end up being “too poor,” well, all the better.

The Currys hope to enter a recording studio in Charlottesville, VA sometime in the fall to lay down the tracks for their first full-length album.

They are hoping their fans and friends will join them in the studio by way of a www.kickstarter.com, a website devoted to providing fundraising opportunities for independent artistic projects, whether film, painting or, as with The Currys, music.

The Currys hope to raise $12,000 by Aug. 13 to fund the recording of the album.

Donations can be made via a variety of packages that offer in return a copy of the released album, the band’s eternal gratitude, t-shirts and other perks.

“It has become a good way for a variety of independent artists to fund their projects,” Jimmy Curry said. “The basic idea is they are pre-ordering the album.

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