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Published: Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 08:30 AM.

Florida Law mandates each school district to report to the public annually the following: Changes to the Student Progression Plan and the Code of Conduct, the number of students promoted for good cause in grade 3, and FCAT assessment results.   The 2013 Legislature mandated all but one of the changes to the Student Progression Plan:

ACCEL Options are educational options that provide academically challenging curriculum or accelerated instruction to eligible public school students in K-12.  District Eligibility Criteria: Scores ranging from the 95th to the 99th percentile in reading and/or math on a NRT or Level 5 on the reading and/or math portion of the FCAT or the equivalent of Level 5 on a CCSS assessment.  There must be a student contract for performance.  The contract is executed by the student, parent and principals and requires student compliance with attendance requirements, student conduct requirements and the ACCEL options established by the principal.

The ACCEL 18 credit option rescinds the College Prep and Career Prep 18 credit options and instead requires the 15 core courses plus 1 performing or fine art or 1 practical arts course and 3 electives.

Middle grades students who enroll in Algebra I must take and pass the statewide EOC assessment to earn high school credit.  Middle grades students who enroll in Biology I or geometry must take the statewide assessment which constitutes 30 percent of the student’s final course grade and earn a passing grade in the course.  Students do not have to pass the EOC to earn high school credit.

Students entering grade 6 in 2012-2013 must take at least a semester course in Civics and beginning in 2013-2014, each student’s performance on the statewide EOC assessment in Civics must constitute 30 percent of the student’s final course grade.  Pass or failure of the EOC does not affect promotion to high school.

High school students enrolled in geometry or Biology I must take the EOC assessment that constitutes 30 percent of the student’s final grade, but passing the EOC is not required to earn credit. Beginning with the 2010-2013 ninth grade cohort, there will be two standard diploma designations, Scholar and Merit. To earn the Scholar designation on the standard diploma a student must pass all required state assessments, earn one credit in Algebra II and pass the EOC when implemented, earn one credit in statistics or an equally rigorous math course, earn one credit in physics or chemistry, earn one credit in a course equally rigorous to chemistry or physics, earn two credits in the same foreign language and at least one credit in dual enrollment, AP, IB, AICE or an approved industry certification.  To earn the Merit designation on a standard diploma the student must pass all required state assessments and attain one or more industry certifications.

Students who transfer into the school system toward the end of high school have to take and pass the EOC’s to receive the scholar designation.  Middle school students transferring into the 8th grade and who did not take Civics previously, must take Civics and the EOC.

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