PSJ students earn JA essay awards

Published: Thursday, June 12, 2014 at 10:57 AM.

By Caitlin Godwin

In my Junior Achievement class we learned many skills that are extremely applicable to everyday life.  The most important to me, however, was the timeline of life goals we created.  My timeline consisted of graduating high school, attending college, getting married, buying a home, having children and retirement.  To correspond with each goal, we set a budget.  A certain dollar amount was predicted for college tuition, a wedding, a home, each child and a sizeable savings account come retirement time.  It really helped me to put the true expenses of things into perspective.  Prior to this class, I had never realized the actual expenditures of life, so this exercise really helped me to set feasible goals.


What I Learned in Junior Achievement

By Haley Wood

The most important thing I learned from Junior Achievement was how to properly save and spend money.  Learning the importance of these practices are essential and will be very helpful in the future.  Having the opportunity to learn these skills will put me a step ahead when it comes to doing this on my own.

Saving money, spending money wisely, balancing a checkbook and learning about banking and loans are all things I will need to know.  These are good, yet, common skills that will always be put into play.  There is a need in this day and time to know how to do these things, but no class in the present curriculum teaches this principles.  Junior Achievement was a great addition to my junior year, allowing me to learn the skills necessary for the future.

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