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Sandy Adams Rau: I don't see it going anywhere either. I would like to see an Express store there and put the Chic-Fil-A back there too.

Scott Cheramie: They had a Finish Line shoe store there a couple years ago. They let them go because they didn't want to pay the lease amount due to the lack of traffic produced by the mall. So instead of lowering the rent and having some revenue, they let the store close. They now have a whole storefront dedicated to a single Dippin Dots ice cream vending machine. A vending machine controls a whole storefront. With all of the new businesses that pop up on MLK, they should be more willing to take up space in the mall. Almost every facet of Houma has grown … except the mall. There is something off there.

Annette Cortez: Because the rent is too high.

Scott Cheramie: Exactly. That's an obvious issue considering the limited traffic the mall brings in, but it seems management doesn't understand that.

Annette Cortez: The new owners came in, and yes, they did a few improvements. But their focus is definitely not to keep or grow business. The Lion’s Share left. These stores are not going to be able to continue paying high rent when business is down. It's crazy. The owners should be giving some sort of incentive to get into new stores.

Bria Elizabeth: Needs more food. Even within the article, it's mentioned that many successful malls have more than just stores. A food court is the heart of the mall, and we don't have that.

Quentin Matthews: Every mall I have been to has a real food court with different types of cuisines except for Southland Mall Why?.Because a lot of people go to the mall sometimes just for the food court for lunch or just to eat. Shopping and food go hand-in-hand, specially in Louisiana.

Margo Mire Chauvin: Southland should have closed 20 years ago. So many more people to support it and still can’t get all the stores like NOLA and Baton Rouge. Come on!

Sandy Adams Rau: Nope, I want to drive 40 minutes to a mall, not an hour and 10 or 15 mins to get to a mall.

Shannon Chiasson: They need a good court.

Marcus Danos: Bring back Orange Julius.

Brian Taylor: Yes!

Tracy D Shipp: No kidding!

Farrell Collins Jr.: They need a buffet-type restaurant. Maybe bring back Piccadilly?

Marlo Lafont Cheramie: Food court where the movie theater was.

Kelly Dee: I live in Illinois. My husband is from Thibodaux. We're having a similar issue with our local mall. Rent space is too expensive and there’s no food court. Macy's closed a few months ago. Sears closed a few years ago. JC Penney is the last big store left.

Brian Taylor: Bring back that pizza place they had in the 80s.

Annette Cortez: O yes, brick oven pizza. We would go to the mall just to eat there. then do a little shopping.

Brian Taylor: The closest thing they had to New York-style pizza ever.

Christy Lemcool Broady: In my opinion the best investment any indoor mall can make right now is a nice indoor play area for kids. It attracts stay-at-home moms who want a place to let their kids play without having to sit outside or in a tiny, crowded fast food play place. Once they're in the mall, it's not a stretch to think they're much more likely to make their purchases there rather than drive around and have to put the kids in and out of the car to go to stores.

Tricia Breaux Atchley: Food court

Marta Basas Walker: They need a food court and more stores. We went on Monday, they have so many empty spaces it's ridiculous and really no real food.

OliverandLynn Perrillioux: The economy is still bad here, but we are lucky the mall is still hanging on. I agree we could use a decent place for younger kids , keeps the parents here and shopping at same time . More business brings demand for food if they can keep the lease at a desirable price.

Ty Toups: Shut it down.

Cody Rhodes: Why?