Snails and Slugs

Published: Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 11:03 AM.

Elimination of slugs and snails begins with the destruction of their hiding places.  Remove rotted boards and debris from the premises.  Keep the area around flower beds clear of trash.  In greenhouses, check under rotted boards, flower pots, and debris beneath benches.

Measurol is the recommended chemical for controlling slugs and snails.  Most garden centers sell a snail and slug bait which contains the substance.  This bait should be placed on the soil surface in the vicinity of the plants, and the treated area can be covered with several sheets of newspaper soaked with water.  Apply the bait in the afternoon, or at night.  If possible, do not use the bait just before a rain, because its effectiveness will be reduced.  Because snails and slugs my feed intermittently rather than every day, the bait should be distributed at seven to ten days intervals until control is achieved.

A home remedy to control these pests involves filling shallow saucers with beer and placing the ton the soil in an area where they’re known to feed.  The beer will attract the pests into the saucers and they will drown in the liquid.

For more information on controlling snails and slugs contact the Gulf County Extension Service @ 639-3200 or visit our website  or www.




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