Winners named in DAR essay contest

Published: Thursday, March 6, 2014 at 10:11 AM.

It has now been four months, and we were ecstatic to see my father’s face for the first time in months. He was terribly malnourished and had lost two fingers to frostbite, but other than that he was in much better shape than many others. I was very worried I was never going to see him again, but I never voiced this to my mother or siblings. We have since found out from my dad that when he went to Boston for his meeting a few months ago that he heard that peoples one year enlistments were ending and people were leaving General Washington because of the conditions at Valley Forge. When my dad heard this, he knew he had to go and help his old time friend, General Washington. When he arrived at Valley Forge he found out everything everyone had said about the conditions were true. Many of the soldiers that had stayed were sick and staying in huts that offered no warmth. He told us a story about a soldier desperately trying to cook a pumpkin for nourishment. However, my dad said that Washington and his soldiers had, indeed made it through the winter and they were now ready to resume the battle.

Our business has been busier than ever before. It is so helpful to have my father and few other men back to help with the business. We have had boats coming in to be repairs that the British have nearly destroyed with musket balls. My dad is getting angrier and angrier with every tattered boat that comes in to be repaired.

It is now November of 1779 and my dad has decided that he would like to continue serving and it would be best for him to join The Continental Navy. He heard about the Battle of Flamborough Head which took place in the North Sea near Yorkshire. John Paul Jones was commanding the American ship, Bonhomme Richard, and was fighting against the British ship, Serpias. Although both ships were shattered and nearly destroyed, John Paul Jones would not give up and actually said, “I have not yet begun to fight!” This courageousness has inspired my dad to join The Navy and fight for the independence of America against the British. My father will leave tomorrow and I pray that he will come back alive.

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