Zoysiagrass “A Choice for Your Lawn”

Published: Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 11:24 AM.

There are three principal species of zoysiagrass used for turf: zoyia japoniea, zoyia matrella, and zoysia tenufolia. These species are differentiated by texture, cold tolerance and aggressiveness.



Empire is an improved zoysia japonica, very dense growth habits, performs well in sandy and clay soils, can be mowed with a standard rotary lawn mower, and does not do well in shaded areas.

Emerald Zoysiagrass is a selected hybrid between zoysia japonica and zoysia tenuifolia developed in Tifton, Georgia and released in 1955.

Pristine Flora is a zoysia matrella cultivar released by the University of Florida. It is recommended for use in high-maintenance situtions, including high-end home lawns.

El Toro is an improved zoysia japonica released in 1986 from California. “El Toro” is reported to have early spring greenup, more shade tolerance, better cold tolerance and improved resistance to rust diseases.

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