We are small but we are mighty.

Because of our Program Coordinator, Lynn Hauck, the students participating in High School High Tech program at Port St. Joe Jr./Sr. High School and the many business partners in Port St. Joe, the PSJHS program is No. 1 in the State of Florida. 

This is the program’s seventh year in Gulf County and there are 36 programs around the state, some much larger and much better funded, but not with the heart that fuels the program in Gulf County. 

Here is what The ABLE Trust had to say when delivering the award.

“Dyslexia Research Institute serves approximately 20 students with disabilities in Gulf County for The ABLE Trust’s Florida High School/High Tech (HS/HT) program on an annual basis.

“Under the leadership of Dr. Patricia Hardman and Robyn Rennick, and through the talented work of Program Coordinator, Lynn Hauck, the team ensures that students experience the depth and breadth of career and youth development, which is the core intent of the HS/HT program. 

“Their program structure of building upon career and work-based experiences throughout the school year, culminating in a coveted summer internship can be considered a statewide model for the Florida HS/HT program. 

“Gulf County HS/HT has outstanding community and employer support, which is evidenced through its Business Advisory Council.  In the last five years, 100 percent of their seniors have graduated from high school - all of whom are going directly to college or employment. 

“This summer, nearly half of their students will participate in paid summer internship experiences as a result of community business partnerships and fundraising on the part of the program leadership and students. 

“The ABLE Trust commends Dyslexia Research Institute with the HS/HT Program of the Year Award for creating and sustaining a highly successful HS/HT program in Gulf County.”