The Currys have chosen to take a summer vacation pastime and make it better.

The Currys have chosen to take a summer vacation pastime and make it better.

If, as Jimmy Curry said, the group can have some fun and not end up being “too poor,” well, all the better.

The Currys hope to enter a recording studio in Charlottesville, VA sometime in the fall to lay down the tracks for their first full-length album.

They are hoping their fans and friends will join them in the studio by way of a, a website devoted to providing fundraising opportunities for independent artistic projects, whether film, painting or, as with The Currys, music.

The Currys hope to raise $12,000 by Aug. 13 to fund the recording of the album.

Donations can be made via a variety of packages that offer in return a copy of the released album, the band’s eternal gratitude, t-shirts and other perks.

“It has become a good way for a variety of independent artists to fund their projects,” Jimmy Curry said. “The basic idea is they are pre-ordering the album.

“They are helping us record and ordering a copy of the album.”

The Currys have been primarily a family affair.

Jimmy and his older brother Tommy, both born and raised in Port St. Joe, began performing together around local clubs during summers off from college and careers.

Separated by three years, Tommy was playing guitar and writing songs while in high school with Jimmy eventually picking up the bass.

Jimmy began playing the guitar his freshman year at William and Mary and one summer five years ago Tommy “reeled me in” to perform locally.

The talked to the owners of Veranda’s in Apalachicola and got a gig and it went from there, performing at such area venues as Lookout Lounge, the Thirsty Goat, Haughty Heron and during the PoJo Music Fest.

“We loved it,” Jimmy Curry said. “We had a great time, so much fun, and we come back each summer.”

They will also perform at the upcoming Scallop Festival.

A change came when their cousin Galen Curry joined the band.

Their music became known for fabulous harmonies and an energetic and charismatic stage show, as Galen wrote on the group’s kickstarter page.

The band has since added a rhythm section of mates they know in Charlottesville, which Jimmy said has a great music scene, though Jimmy, Tommy and Galen remain the traveling band for now.

In 2010, they cut an extended play, six-song collection in Sopchoppy under the direction of Rick Ott and also toured Ireland with Ott, playing 14 dates.

They have also played at venues in New York City – they will play at a small club in the city next month – Gainesville, Nashville and Virginia.

But other than summer, the band members went their separate ways.

Galen spent time in Austin, Texas trying to hone his craft while Jimmy was working as a ski instructor in Utah and Tommy taught middle school science and math in Connecticut.

In time, Galen moved to Virginia to live near Jimmy and they began lobbying Tommy.

“We decided that we were going to commit more to music full-time,” Jimmy said. “Hopefully, we will have a recording and go out sometime in the spring to support it.

“We all have enjoyed playing music and understand and have no problem with holding down other jobs to pay the bills. It is fun and rewarding. It’s the most fun job you can have, I think.”

The record will include all original songs.

Jimmy, Tommy and Galen, due to the distance in their lives, generally write individually and show the others the song once suitably crafted by the songwriter.

Input, Jimmy said, can be taken or left on the table, and from there it is a question of filling in the blanks, adding harmonies, full orchestration, etc.

“(Songwriting) is a lot of fun,” Jimmy said of songwriting. “It is very rewarding and enjoyable to do. It kind of comes in flashes. Some take a long time to complete, others might come in an hour.

“Singer/songwriters, that whole genre had a big influence on us. We listened to a lot of Bob Dylan and Neil Young growing up because that is who our parents (Drs. Betty and Tom Curry) listened to. There are contemporary groups that play the same kind of music.”

Influences that can be heard in The Currys music include current popular groups such as Mumford & Sons and the Dropkick Murphys.

Jimmy and Galen eventually “reeled in” Tommy to make a go of music full-time. They will be based out of Charlottesville after their New York City gig and hope they find the monetary support to be in the studio in September.

“For now we are satisfied with making music a full-time thing,” Jimmy Curry said. “It’s not really an end game for anybody who understands how things work.

“We just hope to have some fun, get our music out and maybe not be too poor while we are doing it.”

Anyone interested in being part of The Currys recording project should visit to find out how more about the band and how to make a donation.