American schooling started teaching STEM shortly after Sputnik, 1957. Fifty years of FAILURE should be enough.

Dear Editor,

American schooling started teaching STEM shortly after Sputnik, 1957. Fifty years of FAILURE should be enough.

American schooling is designed to deal with a static, slow-moving, history-repeats-itself world. In today's dynamic world, the static facts, formulas and protocols of academic STEM are totally useless. STEM does not connect to the root cause of the lack-of-jobs-with-a-future in America. STEM is not Science. STEM is information "about" Science.

The dynamic worlds of Hi-tech and Tech-sTem are driven by recognizing, respecting and applying scientific "Principles". The process is called Creative Thinking. Two Caveats: 1) Memorizing those Principles as isolated knowledge is of no value. 2) All you need to know is -- What is the least you need to know to make a Principle useful in the world you live in.

A boy light-line fishing from a pier, and catching fish, will confront and resolve more calculus problems in an hour than he might encounter in a year of Calculus classes. Light-line fishing is an exercise in Creative Thinking.

There are three basic types of learning/thinking in the USA today. Only one creates jobs-with-a-future:

1) American schooling's "rote and regurgitation" enforced by "conform and comply or good-by" (= Dolts & Drones).

2) Creative Communication: The exchange of feelings, emotions, and notions through the senses (= Boozos & Bimbos).

3) Creative Thinking: The application of scientific knowledge to create a new product, service or system that can improve the human condition and is categorized as Technology (= jobs and Global Competitors).

Examples of Creative Thinking's real-world Scientific Principles:

1) Water runs downhill. This "Scientific Principle" seems to surprise many Floridians on a regular basis.

2) Dry wood burns. This "Scientific Principle" has been ignored by the U.S. Forest Service for the last 40 years.

3) The male and female genders of the Human Species are specifically designed to collaborate with each other, not compete with each other.

Ignoring this "Scientific Principle" has destroyed the American family and reduced the competitive capabilities of the U.S. workforce.

The failure of U.S. Schooling to recognize, respect and accommodate Creative Thinking is destroying American jobs. Today's Hi-tech world of Technology is driven by the Creative Thinking capabilities of U.S. high-school and college DROPOUTS and foreign nationals on H1B Visas. Over 60 percent of the invention patents filed in the USA during the last 10 years have had a foreign national's name on them. When the H1B Visas go home, the U.S. will become a "servant" economy much like Florida is today.

Florida's minimum wage workforce testifies to the fact that Florida's K-16 schooling does not produce graduates, at any level, who are capable of Creative Thinking. The only way to introduce Creative Thinking into Florida's schools is by incorporating sTemPREP Special Units. Install sTemPREP Special Units in local K-12 schools and companies will come and jobs will follow. Why?

sTemPREP Special Units graduate Tech-trainable employees. Tech-sTem-driven companies are relocating and hiring. Will a Tech-sTem-driven company relocate to your community? Is your community a Magnet Community? That's a Home Rule decision.

Creative Thinking must drive the top 40 percent of the American workforce in the 21st Century or America is done.

John M. Comer, iTT-84

Scholastic Engineer

Magnet Communities

Port St. Joe