North Florida novelist Michael Lister is doing something he never thought he would. He's publishing a sequel to his bestselling novel "Double Exposure."

North Florida novelist Michael Lister is doing something he never thought he would. He's publishing a sequel to his bestselling novel "Double Exposure."

"I never imagined I'd write a sequel to "Double Exposure," Lister said. "Actually, I was pretty sure I wouldn't. In fact, it was far more likely that Stephen King would write a sequel to "The Shining" some 36 years after the original book was first released.

Books like "Double Exposure" don't get sequels. Or so I thought. But here I am witnessing the release of "Separation Anxiety," the spiritual sequel to "Double Exposure" some four years after its initial release."

In this follow-up to "Double Exposure," award-winning author Michael Lister once again takes readers down the rural routes and river swamps of wild North Florida.

Sixteen-year-old Shelby Emma Summers has disappeared on a late-August day from her famous artist mom’s lodge on the banks of the Apalachicola River, just outside the small town of Tupelo. Out in the Gulf, a savage hurricane projected to make landfall in the Panhandle intensifies and expands.

Has Shelby been abducted or is she merely skipping school? Is she with her boyfriend, Julian, and if she is, does that make her more or less safe?

A fast-paced twisting and turning mystery, a harrowing hurricanic adventure. Told in prose that is poetic, evocative, and muscular, "Separation Anxiety" is a timeless, resonate literary thriller of heartbreak and heroism.

"’Separation Anxiety’ is a far more complex novel than ‘Double Exposure,’" Lister said. "It has far more characters, far more plot, and is a lot larger, but the two books share a lot in common. They definitely have the same DNA."

"Separation Anxiety" also includes the appearance of Sam Michaels and Daniel Davis from another popular thriller of Lister's, "Burnt Offerings."

"In a way, it's a sequel to "Burnt Offerings" too," Lister said. "But more in a literal than spiritual sense. In fact, as I think about it, "Separation Anxiety" is truly a marriage of "Double Exposure" and "Burnt Offerings." It's funny, but I haven't really thought of it that way until this moment, but that is exactly what it is."

The release of "Separation Anxiety" includes a new special edition release of "Double Exposure" with a new cover, lots of photographs, and an introduction and signature by bestselling author Michael Connelly, who has championed the book since he first sat down and read it cover to cover without getting up four years ago.

Connelly commented that “’Double Exposure’ is absolutely riveting! Elegiac prose, insightful characterization and a wonderfully ingenious plot.”

Lister said. "With the release of the new edition of "Double Exposure," the two books don't just complement one another in terms of story, but as art objects as well." 

"Double Exposure" was adapted into a stage play by Jason Hedden at Gulf Coast State College and is now being turned into a feature film by director Jason Hreno.

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