Watch out for ghouls, ghosts and goblins!

Watch out for ghouls, ghosts and goblins!

Gulf County will celebrate the 13th annual Ghosts on the Coast celebration at 6 p.m. ET tonight in City Commons Park.

The frightening festivities will begin with a costume contest for kids, adults, families and pets and prizes will include gift cards from local merchants.

Following the contest, police sirens sound the horn that businesses along Reid Avenue are open for trick-or-treating.

Not to be left out, businesses located off of Reid will have tables set up full of candy and goodies to pass out.

In the middle of Reid, kids will be treated to “street games” that will include hay bale bowling, ring toss and a cake walk.

Pat Nease, a storyteller from Panama City, will regale kids with spooky stories.

The South Gulf Coast Volunteer Fire Department will have a haunted fire truck on site for children to explore…if they dare.

“We want to slow kids down a little and engage them more,” said Chamber of Commerce director Paula Pickett, who organized this year’s event. “We’re amping it up this year and making it fun for the entire family.”

The cake walk is a fundraiser for the Merchant’s Association to purchase Christmas lights for the trees along Reid.

A surplus of 5,000 glow sticks left over from the Centennial Celebration in July will allow kids to build an interactive art installation.

Area restaurants will be open and ready to feed hungry attendees and will offer food and drink specials in honor of the holiday.

Other entertainment will include live music from Freddie D and Lola, who will perform near Hannon Insurance while the Boyer Band will entertain from the City Commons gazebo.

Though it was Pickett’s first time coordinating the event, she described the planning process as “fluid” and said that everyone on the event committee was easy to work with.

She also thanked everyone who made donations of candy to the Chamber. The goodies were distributed to area businesses to hand out to hungry Halloweensters.

The Reid Avenue Bunco Babes will host a fish fry fundraiser that will begin at 5 p.m. ET on the corner of Reid and State 71.

The Babes will be serving up fresh fish, tea, corn, green onion hush puppies, cheese grits and coleslaw for $7 a plate.

The event will raise money for the Friends of the Port St. Joe Public Library, a cause that the Babes have already donated nearly $10,000 the past three years.

When government cutbacks started, the library began to close on Wednesday and Saturday. The Bunco Babes will use the money to purchase books, videos and audiobooks for the facility. The goal of the Babes is to raise enough money in the future that the library can be open seven days a week.

“We feel like the library is such an important part of the community,” said Bunco Babe member Dana Boyer. “In addition to books, they give access to computers to those who may not otherwise have access.”

Let the haunting begin.