Creative films from around the globe will be showcased at the International Lifetree Film Fest at 6 p.m. CT on Nov. 16.

Creative films from around the globe will be showcased at the International Lifetree Film Fest at 6 p.m. CT on Nov. 16.

The event will take place at Sunset Park in Mexico Beach.

The overarching theme of the festival’s short films is people who are “doing life” or “doing good.” According to festival planners, audience members will have an opportunity to choose their favorite film of the evening. A dessert reception will follow.

Sunset Park is located at the west end of the El Governor Motel. 

While the event is free, it is being held in support of the Beaches Community Care food drive and donations of canned and dry goods are welcome.  

(In case of inclement weather, the Lifetree Film Fest will be held in Living Water’s  facility at 1602 U.S. Highway 98 in Mexico Beach.)

Please bring your own lawn chairs.

Advance sponsors from the community providing door prizes include: Port Saint Joe Salt Air Farmers Market, Cathey's Ace Hardware, It's All About the Oils, Mango Marley's, and Melody's Paintings, A Day Away, Beach Walk, Caribbean Coffee, Emerald Coast Jewelry, Gulf Foods, Killer Seafood, Sharon's Café, The Fish House and The Grove.

The event is sponsored by Lifetree Café—a place where people gather for conversation about life and faith in a casual coffeehouse-type setting. Lifetree Café is hosted weekly at Living Water’s facility at 1602 U.S. Highway 98 in Mexico Beach at 7 p.m. CT on Mondays.

Films that will be featured at the Lifetree Film Fest include:


Directed by Quek Shio Chuan

The moving story of Wen Guang, an autistic adult with an unusual obsession. See his challenging quest for a job, his daily routines, and his secret passion as he searches for what will bring him a simple, pure, hard-earned, fleeting moment of joy. (Malaysia, 14 min.)

Spaghetti für Zwei

(Spaghetti for Two)

Directed by Matthias Rosenberger

A likable but lonely man on his way to lunch encounters a world swarming with would-be crooks, hussies, and criminals. A whimsical portrayal of misperceptions meeting reality. (Germany, 19 min.)

Meet Joel—My Last Days

Directed by Justin Baldoni

Diagnosed with an Atypical Teratoid/Rhamboid Tumor (AT/RT) in 2010, Joel had surgery to remove the tumor and underwent 54 weeks of treatment, including chemotherapy and radiation. But his tumor returned. Joel is now 4 years old and has survived, thanks to his family’s faith and positive thinking. (USA, 13 min.)

Dancing Outside the Box

Directed by David Block

Ballroom dancing merges the rhythm of the music with the graceful movements of the dancers as they glide across the floor. In this film, wheelchair users and their able-bodied partners bring their two worlds together on the dance floor, creating beauty in motion and proving that everyone can dance.

(USA, 15 min.)


Directed by Andrew Young

A bedtime story turns into a dramatic confession as a mother relives a tragic accident she caused when her daughter was a baby. The trauma sends shock waves between the woman and her husband. A surprising response reveals the power of forgiveness to heal the deepest wounds. (USA, 21 min.)

Titanic Love

Directed by Mark Pressdee

Lucy wants a Titanic Love cruise to relive her Hollywood dream. Jack does not.  He thinks they can’t afford it, and Lucy is furious. Their relationship hits rough waters, so Jack calls on his clever friends for a cheap alternative.  (UK, 22 min.)

Questions about the Lifetree Film Fest may be directed to David Gieseking at (850) 648-1151 or