Iím not sure how to start this piece of commentary, but allow me to "blow-in" and offer this quick observation...

Dear Editor,

Iím not sure how to start this piece of commentary, but allow me to "blow-in" and offer this quick observation; the people of Gulf County deserve better. I have never attended a Board of County Commissioners meeting, so I must disclose my opinions are strictly based on the reports as supplied by the writings published here at "The Star" and from others that have been in attendance. That will change, though, once I make my final ride-in-on-the-breeze to make Port St. Joe my forever home. Save me a seat up front. Iím coming.

With regard to the latest shenanigans as described by Tim Croftís latest piece on BOCC civility, he gives the board a little wiggle room. He suggests the excuses of, "the length of the meeting" or "maybe the issues", but I find it all quite clear and no one should be surprised. When you elect children to do the work of adults, the end results are pretty predictable.

If this were an episode of "Mayberry R.F.D.", it might be entertaining. But itís not, which only makes it embarrassing. I hate repeating myself, but Iíll say it again. The good people of Gulf County deserve better. Period!

From the childish, immature, and insulting comments of Commissioners McLemore and Smiley, Iíd say Joanna Bryan appears to be one of the only adults in the room. Thatís pretty sad.

It isnít worth re-hashing all that was said. In the Nov. 14 edition of this paper, Mr. Croft already did a fine job expressing the temperature of the exchange between commissioners and attendees. If you have not read it, I highly recommend that you do. If you have, I recommend you read it again. These are the people elected to take care of our county business and there isnít much there to make you proud.

So, until some actual adults are elected to represent the people, I think all remaining BOCC meetings should be held at a venue more fitting to their level of professionalism. What about out by the monkey bars in the elementary school playground? That sounds about right.

Kirk S Jockell

"The Blown Inn"

Port St. Joe