In a local restaurant this week I saw an elderly lady reading the newspaper and put it down seemingly in disgust.


Dear Editor,

In a local restaurant this week I saw an elderly lady reading the newspaper and put it down seemingly in disgust. I thought, how true it is that every time you pick up a newspaper all you read about it negativism such as murder, hatred, AIDS, abuse, abortion, wars, storms, burnings and the list goes on and on. How nice it would be to pick up the morning paper and read something good for a change. But, believe it or not, not everything is bad. There are still many things to be thankful for. Here are a few things that I can think of:

The privilege to worship God, at home and at church;

The air we breathe;

A house to live in;

A baby’s smile (yes, some are still allowed to be born);

A job that I enjoy working at;

The lovely strains of an orchestra;

The look of appreciation radiating from an elderly person’s eyes whenever you do anything for them;

The smell of a rose;

The privilege of being able to see … I have a friend who was born without eye sockets;

Being able to hear…smell…taste…feel… and walk;

The joy of visiting friends;

The look of utter joy from one of my piano students performing a piece that at first they thought was impossible;

The thrill of riding the water-log ride at Six Flags over Texas;

A considerate boss;

The privilege of being a Christian and being proud of it;

The joy of picking up the phone and saying ‘hi’ to mom and dad;

The opportunity of calling into a radio station in the early morning to voice my opinion on different topics;

The joy and fun of trying new recipes;

The privilege of being married to a wonderful man for 28 years;

The joy of having three children… all in college now;

Still having both parents alive … ages 89 and 84;

The squeal of delight from a child opening his Christmas present when it was exactly what he wanted;

Being allowed in a restaurant to bow my head and offer prayer for my food;

Listening and watching my 89-year-old father sing bass in a quartet;

The beauty in Kansas of the waves of golden wheat rippling in the wind – knowing that soon I will grind some of that very wheat into flour and make my own bread with it;

The joy of watching Jumper Cable, my 7-pound Chichuhua dog play with our cat;

Police protection;

Having a doctor and hospital to go to whenever needed;

The awesome sounds of a CD player;

The privilege of sitting down to my piano and playing whatever I want for my own enjoyment.

Shall I name more? I certainly could. There is so much in our world today to be thankful for. It is true we cannot avoid some of the negative things. But, let us be grateful for the blessings that we do enjoy.

What are you thankful for?


Submitted by Rev. Lois Long, former pastor of Living Waters Assembly of God in Apalachicola, and sister of the author, Marlene Winters of Springfield, Mo.