Last week we spent Thanksgiving in the Panhandle with family.

Dear Editor,

Last week we spent Thanksgiving in the Panhandle with family.  We decided to take the scenic way home to Bradenton, via Highway 98.  We stopped and enjoyed ourselves along the way, and by the time we got to Port St. Joe, the sun was down and we were still seven hours from home. We stopped at your McDonalds and when we went to start up again, our car wouldn’t start. A wonderful young lady at McDonald’s, Jessie, took our rescue on as her mission!  She was like the Port St. Joe hospitality committee, Chamber of Commerce and Yellow Pages all wrapped into one lovely guardian angel! She could not have been any nicer and helpful!  She got us connected with BJ’s Garage, Mr. Dixson’s Taxi, and would have gotten us a tow truck if we hadn’t already called one.  She was so nice and helpful.  BJ was also great and opened up his shop on Saturday afternoon to fix our car, even though he was supposed to be off for the holiday weekend! The folks in your town are so nice. It is wonderful small towns like yours that make this country great! We enjoyed spending the night and plan to come back to stay on purpose next year! 

Brenda Hudson

Bradenton, Florida