The challenge is on!

The challenge is on!

A typical New Years resolution of most Americans is to become healthier or to lose weight. To help facilitate in the effort, Tourist Development Council marketing manager Michelle Perrin and G3 Realty accountant and office manager Kaci Rhodes put together the Fitness Challenge 2014, designed to help members of the community tackle those resolutions head-on.

Its the New Year and I wanted to get back to being healthy, said Perrin. I also wanted to open it to the community.

The 12-week challenge began on Jan. 9 and will run through April 3. The cost to enter is $15 with the pot being awarded to the person who loses the largest percentage of weight.

Perrin began spreading the word online and by the time the first weigh-in rolled around, they had 63 people sign up, bringing the possible winnings to $945. Perrin and Rhodes hope to recruit at least five more people to sweeten the deal to an even $1,000.

Every three weeks, Rhodes weighs in participants at G3 Realty on Reid Ave., though all information is kept confidential. The first weigh-in brought 40 competitors through the door and showed the organizers just how serious people were about the challenge.

The response has been overwhelming, said Rhodes. The people who come in are shocked and surprised to see how many people want to get healthier.

Last year, Rhodes taught Zumba classes and hosted a similar event for her students, but wanted this years challenge to be open to everyone regardless of workout preference.

We want the competition to be a healthy thing, said Perrin. Its not about whos the skinniest, its about being healthy and getting the community involved.

Its just for fun, but weve met so many great people.

A Facebook group, exclusive to participants, was recently launched where challengers can help to encourage and motivate one another, share fitness tips and even healthy recipes.

Its not too late to get involved in the challenge. Those interested in shedding some pounds, or businesses whod like to sponsor the challenge may contact Perrin at 899-0094 or Rhodes at 348-7798.