As we go through life we are faced with many decisions.


Dear Editor;

As we go through life we are faced with many decisions.  Some decisions we make are good and some, upon further reflection are bad.  Often times we cannot go back and change our bad decisions.  However, the decision by our the Port St Joe City Council to dissolve the Port St Joe Downtown Redevelopment Agency made last Tuesday night, March 4,  was a bad decision and they can correct that bad decision at the next city council meeting.

The PSJDRA is composed of city residents, volunteers, people who care about our city, people appointed by our city council, people who are stake holders in the progress of our city.  Their mission statement reads as follows:  The Mission of the Port St. Joe Redevelopment Agency is to serve the community by guiding redevelopment activities to create a vibrant downtown core and revitalized neighborhood, to commemorate local history and culture, to improve quality of life, and to stimulate economic growth within the Agency's District.   That mission over the last several years has been successfully accomplished.  The process is not broken.  Last Tuesday night the city council by its vote broke the effective functioning of that process.

I would urge all of the Port St Joe voters to contact our commissioners to rescind the vote to dissolve the PSJDRA.  Contact information for the commissioners are: 

Bo Patterson - Commissioner, Group II

(850) 340-0260 |

Phil McCroan - Commissioner, Group III

(850) 229-6907 |

William Thursbay - Commissioner, Group I

No information posted on city web site.

Better yet I would urge the voters to attend the next city meeting and call upon these council members to rethink their vote.

It is your community. The city council is your elected representative. Let your voice be heard.  Urge your elected officials to rescind their vote.   


John Parker

Port St. Joe