I just read the paper and the issue regarding the PSJRA and the dissolution of the board of directors.


(Editorís note: the following was sent to all five members of the Port St. Joe City Commission).


I just read the paper and the issue regarding the PSJRA and the dissolution of the board of directors.  Unfortunately I was not able to attend this meeting and have the paper as the only source of information until the minutes are available for the public to read.

First let me say that I have been a resident since 2005.  Prior to that we would vacation a couple of times a year for 10 years prior to moving here. We have seen so many changes in our fine city over these last 19 years and have kept up on them and who is responsible for this.

It seems to me that if the PSJRA is able to accomplish all that they have accomplished over the years, why change things now??  Most of you have full-time jobs then your Commissioner duties and now you want to add more to your list? You already have a say/vote on what the PSJRA is working on, why do you have to change it?  Seems like if there are a few issues then fix those and move on. 

Commissioners Thursbay and Patterson, seems like you stated that you are speaking for the majority of citizens that are concerned regarding the use of their tax money?  Did you really speak to the majority of 2,521 registered city voters? You didn't speak to me and you both know me.

I think you have other matters that need more attention than this.  Seems like a power play to me to give you the power you need to then release Gail Alsobrook of her position so that you can put someone else in position that might align more with your agenda.

Mr. Mayor and Commissioner Buzzett I copied you on this so you would know how other residents in this city feel about this issue and that we agree with you to leave it alone.

Thank you for your time if you read this.  Other emails I have previously sent to Thursbay and McCroan have gone unanswered. Those were sent from my work email so decided to try my personal one.

Elaine Lerch

Port St. Joe