If you haven’t seen the animated movie, “Up” from 2009, you need to see it.

If you haven’t seen the animated movie, “Up” from 2009, you need to see it.  It is a bit silly, but it is a good tale of life and dreams.  The hero is a senior citizen named Carl, who is off on the once-in-a-lifetime journey he has always dreamed of taking.

Carl is traveling with an eight year-old wilderness explorer/Boy Scout named Russell and a dog named “Dug.” 

Dug, the dog is originally part of a bad pack of dogs.  However, Dug ends up not being bad.  He is a bit goofy and has a talking collar (where he gets his orders from the bad dog leader).

This character, Dug, at one point in the movie is threatened with having to wear “the cone of shame.”   The cone of shame being the funnel-like collar that veterinarians often put on dogs and cats to keep them from biting or licking wounds and other postoperative incisions.

Other names for the “cone of shame” include the “E-collar” in reference to the fact that it looks like an Elizabethan collar, the “lampshade” and the “satellite dish.”

There are various videos and pictures of dogs having to deal with the “cone of shame” that are supposed to be funny.

As Dug notes when threatened with the funneled collar, “I do not like the cone of shame.”

I’m with Dug.

My dog, Doolittle, came home from the veterinarian’s office with the cone of shame the other day.  He had to have a liver biopsy so they could perhaps figure out what is causing some of his health problems.

In addition to being drugged and having his stomach cut open, he had to manage with this funnel thing on his head.  He was getting hung up on the armrests of chairs, door frames and the tops of tables.

It just wasn’t funny, being my dog and knowing that he already felt bad from being sliced open and his insides poked.

I like dogs.  I like mine a lot.

Therefore, the next time I see a person walking their dog with this cone of shame thing on their head, I’m going to look at it a little differently.

We often think things are funny, when we shouldn’t.  I know we don’t do it on purpose; we just don’t take the time to look at it from the viewpoint of those being collared.

In the movie, Up, the little boy, Russell, makes a pretty good quote I find to be very meaningful.   Russell’s parents are separated, but Russell points out some of the normal things that he and his father did just spending time together. 

After Russell recounted these events, he noted, “That might sound boring. But I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.”

I liked that a lot.  It is the stuff that others think to be boring we often remember the most.  Things we did with our parents, grandparents and friends that seemed to be so mundane at the time end up being memories we cherish.

The other little part of the movie that I really enjoy is when Carl finds the note his deceased wife, Ellie, left him.  She thanks him for the time they spent together and their many adventures. 

Carl was thinking he had never really been on an adventure and his wife’s note reminded him that his life with her had indeed been a wonderful adventure.  

There was no need for regret.

My points being, an animated film from five years ago and a silly looking funnel collar for a dog will end up being great memories for me. 

Don’t miss out on the little things in life….  (And hug your dog while you can).

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