Spring break continues to bring out the best.

Spring break continues to bring out the best.

Last week more than 40 students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison came through Port St. Joe and spent two days working on community service projects during their spring break.

The students, part of the “Students Today, Leaders Forever” organization, work on a “pay-it-forward” mindset to do good deeds wherever they may be.

Upon arriving, the students split into three groups and assisted the Public Works department with construction on the dugout roof at the softball field across the street from the Centennial Building.

Students also helped clean the facility and resurfaced the infield.

Another group settled in at the St. Joseph Bay Humane Society where students helped care for the animals, walked and socialized with dogs and assisted with cleaning around the property.

A third group worked with the Gulf Coast Workforce Board in restocking the food pantry along with performing maintenance and cleaning of the Washington Gym in North Port St. Joe.

Students were treated to lunch cooked by staff from the Workforce Board and served by city employees for their hard work.

The trip was part of a week-long tour that took the students across Northwest Florida.

Prior to arriving in Port St. Joe the group had been volunteering in Fort Walton Beach.

Since 2004, STLF have completed 552 Pay It Forward tours accumulating in more than over 300,000 volunteer hours. The program has had 21,981 participants who have gone on tours all over the country.

“Port St. Joe was a town I saw as perfect for the type of work that STLF does, and was in the perfect spot for the route that we took to Jacksonville,” said group leader Riley Egan. “Everyone was so hospitable and we really enjoyed our stay.

“It is truly an amazing organization that I am proud to be a part of.”

Port St. Joe was the final stop on the tour and after camping overnight in the Centennial Building, the group departed for Jacksonville to get in some last minute rest and relaxation before returning home.