For the past 14 years, local volunteers have been working to raise money to enhance the traditional offerings of our local school district through the Education Foundation of Gulf County, Inc. (EFGC).

For the past 14 years, local volunteers have been working to raise money to enhance the traditional offerings of our local school district through the Education Foundation of Gulf County, Inc. (EFGC).  With the generous support of grants provided by Progress Energy, the Tapper Foundation, The Miller Charitable Foundation, and our local community’s extraordinary efforts, our children have benefited from over $220,000 invested in creative teaching and learning initiatives.

The EFGC provided over $38,000 in grant funding for Gulf County School during the 2012-2013 school year. 

“We know that various children learn differently so the EFGC works to provide creative opportunities that make the learning process innovative and fun” said David Warriner, president of the EFGC.  “We are proud of our continuing community’s effort to make this happen.” 

The EFGC will be sending out a letter to local business leaders and many valued alumnae of Gulf County Schools. Your support is needed to help fund the important learning initiatives teachers want and need to do the best for students.

“The Gulf County Education Foundation is a major contributor toward the funding of grants that give teachers the much needed support they need to have excellent resources and enhance their classrooms in our high performing district,” said Superintendent of Schools Jim Norton. “Over the years, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been contributed through this community support. We are very proud of this program and the dedicated people who volunteer their time for educational resources.”

Programs that enhance reading skills, along with science, technology, engineering and math skills have been targeted.  Entire science labs have been created.  Real paper books, along with digital media have been purchased for student use. Innovative learning devices have been implemented in classrooms. In addition, funds have been made available for cultural and social learning experiences that expose students to the world outside their traditional school curriculum.   

Local students are better off for having access to these unique opportunities, not afforded through traditional state funding streams.  The EFGC solicits and manages donations used to purchase the hands-on equipment and devices to which our teachers would not otherwise have access.

The EFGC is now asking for your help to write the next chapter in our growing success story.

Please consider supporting the EFGC and our work to make our kid’s educational experience more meaningful.  Every dollar you give may qualify for a dollar for dollar match from the State Consortium of Education Foundations.  This means double the impact right here locally.  Every dollar helps.  So please help today.  Visit the EFGC website at and make a contribution on-line or send a check to the EFGC, 150 Middle School Road, Port St. Joe Florida, 32456.  The EFGC is a 501 (C) 3 organization and your donation will be tax-deductible. 

The EFGC board recently met to review the 2012-2013 teaching and learning grants. Those funded include:

Port St Joe Elementary School

The NASA Project X-35- Cindy Phillips: With the funding from this grant, the science class will simulate engineering teams vying for a NASA contract. Each team of science students will follow budget and material restrictions to design 2 liter rocket bottles.  Students will demonstrate their designs on Launch Day.

An Apple a Day- Karen Minger: This grant will provide Apple iPads for use in the media center at PSJES with the goal of increasing literacy.

Character Counts- DeEtta Smallwood: This grant will provide educational and entertaining animated videos that will be used to facilitate character education and social and emotional development.  The students will be encouraged rouse critical thinking skills for problem solving. 

Apalachicola Estuarine Education, this grant written by Janice Adkison will provide a science discovery field-trip for entire 4th grade class to the Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve Center.  Students will learn about native plant life and creatures that inhabit the Apalachicola River, its tributaries, and estuary.  Students will have hands-on learning, and will develop an appreciation for one of Florida's natural resources.

I Pad Dolphin Discovery, this grant written by Principal Sue Gannon will help to fund the Apple IPAD digital classrooms that integrate the latest technology at Port St. Joe Elementary School. 

WewahitchkaElementary School

Soaring to Study Island- Anita Askew: This grant will provide "Study Island," a web based program that provides assessment and skill practice in all major subject areas. Study Island is goal-orientated, provides remediation and makes learning new concepts fun.

Black and Blue in Gray-Kim Ludlam: This grant will provide an educational seminar by the Florida United States Colored Troops Education Project, part of the John G. Riley House and Museum.  This Living History Organization will conduct drill and weapon presentations and re-enactments while wearing authentic Civil War and Antebellum clothing.  The re-enactment will be in conjunction with a novel study of “Across Five Aprils” and Black History Month.

Wild About Books-Anita Askew: This grant will provide sixth-grade students a wide variety of multi-level reading materials in the classroom.  The remedial students will have the opportunity to choose and explore high interest, low vocabulary books, magazines and newspapers that are appropriate for their reading levels.  Accelerated students will be able to expand their interest through a variety of higher-level readers.

Viva Florida-Heather Taylor: This grant will provide for a Florida History presentation by the Atlantic Coast Theatre for Youth. Students will attend the theatrical performance, and the students in the fourth grade will participate in writing and research activities that will accompany the performance.

Stimulating Discovery-April Bidwell: The project uses Lego Mindstrom NXT Robots to Stimulate the minds of students, Implementing science, technology, math, and Engineering (Stem) skills with a hands-on experience.

Cooperative Hands on Science-Lisa Stripling: This grant will provide for cooperative learning with the first grade classes and Bridges classes.  The classes will work together during science with hands on project, activities and experiments. Students with and without disabilities will work as a team, and learn concepts of Motion, development of living organisms, and weather. 

ReadingAbove and Beyond- Jennifer Guffey: The funding for this project will provide for a variety of genres and collaboration of books for the Accelerated Reader Program.  This will offer a challenge for first grade students to read on a higher level than their current grade level.

Heard the News- Principal Lori Price: The majority of the student body of Wewahitchka Elementary School will receive a subscription to “Scholastic News”on a weekly basis through this grant. The publication provides current events, and a variety of nonfiction topics covered in Social Studies.

High Touch High Tech- Principal Lori Price: This grant will provide hands-on, custom-tailored science programs that are fun!  High Touch High Tech offers a variety of 50 - 75 minute "In-School" field trips for intensive science experiences.

Port St. Joe Jr. and Sr. High School

Interactive Learning with Student Response System-Shirley Thompson: This grant will provide premium content subscriptions to accompany the student response systems "Qwizdoms" in the Port St. Joe Jr./Sr. High School classrooms. 

Innovating the Spanish Classroom- Reina Nixon: This grant will provide for new technology and games designed to help students learn to speak Spanish. 

NJROTC Real Life Exposure- Marty Jarosz: This grant will provide for the bus travel for 50 NJROTC cadets for their trip to the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville, Fl.  The Cadets will be briefed on real time Navy missions, and be exposed to Active Duty Naval personnel and have the opportunity to fly aircraft simulators.

Sunshine for the Library- Angel Barbee: The grant funding will provide the Sunshine State Young Readers book collection so students in Port St. Joe can participate in the Sunshine Readers Award Program. The grant will provide for 2 copies of the 15 titles that make up the Sunshine Collection.  These books were selected by the Florida Department of Education's Office of School Libraries and the Florida Association for Media in Education.   

Lights, Camera, Action! - Angel Barbee: This grant will fund the purchase of three video cameras for the TV Production class.  This class makes videos which are shown to the student body every Friday morning.  The videos are fun and provide helpful information for the students.

Newspapers for College and Career Readiness- Patricia Hendricks: This grant will provide a daily newspaper for two English IV College Prep course classes.  The students will read and respond to the newspaper in multiple of ways.

Same Theory, Different Method- Kim McFarland: This grant would provide for 80 COACH workbooks.  This Geometry resource consolidates lengthy lessons in three to four easy to understand sections, "Cliff Notes" version of the traditional textbook.  The Coach workbook would be used on a weekly basis to summarize and close each section covered during the lesson week.

Art Tables-Principal Jeremy Knapp: The art department will receive new tables and art stools for the art classroom.  Julie Hodges is developing an exciting art program, and the tables and stools will create a classroom that is conducive to learning and developing fine art.

WewahitchkaHigh School

Practice Makes Perfect- Debbie Gerber: This grant will provide online practice tests so students can practice the Microsoft Office 2010 course material and receive immediate feedback from Certiport, the testing center for Microsoft industry certification exams.

Learning Accommodations-  Michael Williams: The funding for this grant will provide headphones for use in the science lab at Wewahitchka Jr./Sr. High School.  Students will be able to learn individually using the headphones, and will be able to cover science material.

Preparing Students for Tomorrow- Principal Debbie Baxley: The funding from this grant will provide for the vocational/industry certification exams and science consumable supplies for lab experiments.  This funding will prepare students for the world of careers and college, and will provide numerous hands on science activities.

GulfCounty Adult School

Eyewitness Book Library- Billy Hoover: This grant will provide an updated resource library for the Gulf County Adult School with the purchase of the Eyewitness Books Library Series, an addition of 31 hardcover books.