Good Morning Jerry Brown,

Good Morning Jerry Brown,

You and the California Congressional Caucus are in the position to add $260 Billion per year to California╣s annual GDP, at no expense to California taxpayers, by doing another State a favor -- Florida.

All you and the California Congressional Caucus have to do is actively support Florida's request for "secession" and initiate and pass Congressional legislation that states that Federal facilities, which serve national interests, should be located in those States whose taxpayers pay for the support of those facilities.

Referencing an OMB website, CNBC reported that California taxpayers are subsidizing 72% of Florida's annual GDP. (#1 subsidized State in US). According to CNBC, the US Federal government annually subsidizes the Sunshine State $30,318 per capita. When you multiple $30,318 times 19.1 million Floridians, you get the approximate annual cost of ObamaCare. You need to know, those subsidies come from California taxpayers and US-FED Debt, sans an ROI for California or America. Shouldn't US-FED Tax Monies be recycled in the tax-source States whenever possible?

Florida should really appreciate California taking appropriate action. The presence of military bases in Florida forces Floridians to participate in a political activity which is against the political Principles of Floridians.

Taking California taxpayers' dollars to subsidize Florida's GDP is applied SOCIALISM.

Most of Florida's 21 military base activities could be relocated -- to California. An independent State of Florida would then be free to reimburse the US-FED for services that primarily benefit the host State (i.e., US-FED Resources Regulation, Grants and Coast Guard). Florida would be free of SOCIALISM.

The "facts" behind Florida's situation and the need for California Congressional Caucus action:

1) Secession really benefits Florida and the US. In the not too distant future, Florida's military bases will have to begin importing a workforce to provide civilian support for their facilities. Florida's public schools do not provide the tech-trainable workforce necessary to support the civilian workforce needed by tomorrow's military. Based on national standards, Florida's K-12 schools don't graduate college-ready students or tech-trainable candidates for America's Tech-sTem-driven workforce.

Florida's school districts have indicated no interest in making the "schooling" changes necessary to tech-grade the capabilities of local high school, college, or university "graduates" to meet the predictable civilian support needs of tomorrow's military or the tech-sTem-driven American workforce.

Florida has laid the groundwork for building a Polytechnic University similar to Cal Poly. In truth, Floridians lack the enterprise management experience, the university-level intellectual resources, the K-12 level student competencies, or the public support necessary to build a nationally recognized Polytechnic University.

2) Florida's "secession" would eliminate a significant direct Federal Tax drain, plus reduce a majority of "Grant" requests submitted to the US-FED for additional US-FED aid. Simply processing Florida's "Grant" requests may cost the US-FED more than Floridians pay into the US Treasury from their un-subsidized GDP. The reduction of Florida's Grant requests could reduce the US-FED annual deficit by possibly $200 Billion.

3) California should respect and support Florida's political perspectives and lifestyle aspirations. Secession would relieve Floridians of the necessity of pretending to protect, support, and defend something they don╣t believe in -- the US Constitution. Floridians' "Home Rule" perspectives violate the Spirit, Intent, and the Written Word of the US Constitution --

The US Constitution is ignored legally and politically at all levels in Florida. Four of the Initiatives on the ballot in the last election violated the US Rule of Law, as does about 80% of State Statute. No politician or attorney in Florida can accurately complete the following "The US Rule of Law states..." in 48 words or less. The ACLU has sued Gov. Scott 11 times for Constitutional violations. Local school districts consistently violate their students' Constitutional Rights with impunity. There is no "...provide for the common defense..." commitment in Florida. Florida has the highest percentage of young adults, 18-24 years old, who are unfit for military service in the USA.

Importing a competent workforce to meet the support needs of the military will meet with considerable local resistance. Newcomers are not welcome in Florida. Local Florida communities practice graveyard nepotism and the sanctification of antebellum political and social traditions, in both public and private employment, which have successfully opposed "change" for decades. Floridians focus on lowering their taxes and eliminating "regulation", not providing competent community services nor " the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity."

4) The 2012 Presidential Election tells Americans and the world all they needed to know about Florida: 14 days to vote; 10 days to count the votes; Results submitted 5 days after the election was over.  Why? Floridians, when they read, read very slowly. Only 28% of Florida-born 3rd graders will graduate from high school by completing and passing all of the required courses for earning a standard or better Florida high school diploma.

Florida only requires Basic = Level 2&3 -10th grade reading skills for a standard High School diploma (lowest in USA today).

The REALITY of 21st Century life in America -- Floridians want individual freedom from responsibility or obligation to the USA. It is time to give Florida what Florida wants -- its independence. Please recruit the California Congressional Caucus to consider and support Florida's secession, and initiate legislation that relieves Florida of participating in American SOCIALISM. It is the Right thing to do -- for Florida, for California, and for America.

John Comer, SI Class of '47

Port St. Joe, FL

P.S. Florida's secession would not cause any "brain drain" for the U.S.

Among U.S. universities, the top 3 Florida Universities are: University of Florida #122 in the U.S.; University of Miami, #193, and the University of South Florida, #240. If non-PhD granting colleges, like CalPoly (SLO-CA) were included, it is unlikely any Florida school would be in the top 400 in the U.S. It is a K-12 problem. As my grandfather used to say, "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear."