Thanks to the volunteers listed who worked so tirelessly and so well together to prepare, heat, assemble, packand deliver Christmas dinners.

Thanks to the volunteers listed who worked so tirelessly and so well together to prepare,  heat, assemble, packand deliver Christmas dinners. The volunteers started at day break and a steady stream of men women and children continued until all 807 dinners were out the door and the building was thoroughly cleaned.

Jim and Bunnie Gainney, Jerry and Lyd Stokoe, Matt and Morgan Mills,  Shawn Johnson, Ben Welch, Deanne Williams, Megan  Hubbard,  Mary Belin, Rich and Liz Brenner, Boyd and Mitzi and Gretchen Bulger,  Bo and Lyn Williams, Ann Ballard, Curtis  and Mae Brown,  Sharon  Johnson, Chaz Wright, Cheryl Howell,  Mary Kelly,  Larry Chism,  Shawn Terry  Schaever, Sam James,  Abby Cozine, Bill Van der Tulip, Fisher Van Der Tulip, Hunter Van Der Tulip,  Patricia Watson, Amy Keith,  Nancy Blake, Gretchen Balogh,  Denny Hughes, Paul and Bonnie Durham, Stacy, Anelisa and Dianne Pierett,  Grace and Lee Lawton, Tim and Debbie Croft ,Phil Dodson, Corey Phelps, Donna Masseo, Joe and Sylvia Whaley,  Joel Rogers and  Suzi  Kelly, Dana Kelly, Danica Kelly, Mareu Johnson,  Ruby Hodge,  Carol Dow, Jimmy Johnson, Tim and Crystal DuPuy, Fred Willis, Bob Lyles, Donna Masseo,  Sandie, Jacob and Reid Kennedy, Noah,  Ryenne and Ellie Wich, Kylie Skoda,  Joseph Kerigan and Christian Pickett,  Erick and Sharon Asher, Charlie Black,  Ann Ballard, Mr. and Mrs. Bill  McGee, Linda Bailey, Deanne Williams, Megan Hubbard, David and Trish,  Dave and Amelia Warriner ,  Linda Huie,  David and Kimberly Embry , Joy and Dale Smith,  Sandie Yarbrough, Mike Guthrie, Guy Sweazy,  Nick Sweazy,  Jim and Courtney  Cummings, Eddie and  Gretchen Martin, Chase Harper,  Janice Adkinson, Ken Haley, Doug and Nancy Calendine,  Nancy Swider, Ken Haley, Esther  Stuart,  Mike Guthrie,  Joe and  Sylvia Whaley,  Kay Medley,  Joyce Burkett,  Joyce Moore, Bill  and  Shirley Sanders, Maya Robbins, Kiara Monette and Barbara Yeagley.

The Washington Improvement Group co-partnered with the Oak Grove Church as volunteers served 30 food plates that had been prepared by the Oak Grove Church volunteers. Tamlyn Smith, Don and Regina Washabaugh and Joanna White volunteered to serve as hosts and hostesses.

The building was cleaned by a great crew Rich Brenner and Larry Chism.