Port St. Joe Elementary School became unique in the county for another reason last week.

Port St. Joe Elementary School became unique in the county for another reason last week.

The school became the district’s first and only to be provided a weather station from WeatherSTEM, which aims to use the weather for a host of lessons across science, technology, engineering and math, the so-called STEM subjects.

“We are very fortunate to have this system installed in our school,” said Principal Dr. Sandra Cook.

WeatherSTEM is donating one station to a school in each district in the state; the unit costs $3,000 to purchase though grants are available, particularly through the Department of Agriculture, Cook added.

“We believe weather provides an excellent foundation for STEM education,” a company press release detailed. “It also provides myriad opportunities for exposing students to topics from a plethora of disciplines in the scope of a single activity.

“Any weather situation, from the most benign scenario where a few cumulus humilus clouds dot the sky to the most intense Category 5 hurricane, can turn into a discussion covering everything from algebra to zoology.”

WeatherSTEM was built by Ed Mansouri, CEO of Ucompass and holder of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in meteorology.

The system Mansouri created aims to provide K-12 STEM studies with live data collected by weather instruments, cloud cameras, agricultural probes and other sensors.

Each unit can be personalized to the school.

The unit provides current readings, such as temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and wind speed, as well as a current camera image of the sky.

The camera can provide time lapse video of the previous day’s weather and the unit includes a host of other features.

All data is stored and its use is entirely up to the imagination of teachers and students.

The unit includes weather forecasts and tools to mine the data for lessons and activities.

The unit will also send out weather notifications on a personalized basis.

As part of the installation, Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as an Apple app are created as well as access to a library of lesson plans.

You can follow on Twitter @PSJEWxSTEM for weather updates, a Facebook page for facts and photos and can receive weather info via email at psje@gulf.weatherstem.com or by calling 629-6195 or text psje.